Company Profile

Ningbo Boxin is a company dedicated to the development, design, and manufacturing of digital liquid crystal instruments and electronic tachometers for vehicles. The company is under the jurisdiction of Yuyaobo. In 2009, it won the title of "National High-tech Enterprise".

The company's existing standard factory building is 13,000 square meters, with more modern and fully automatic equipment, such as: fully automatic veneer machine, fully automatic plug-in machine, large-scale injection molding equipment and so on. The company has its own independent technology R&D center(Ningbo Engineering Technology Center) and professional laboratories, and now has more than 50 patents. With the help of professional design teams and advanced testing equipment, we have developed a series of digital liquid crystal instruments, such as new energy vehicles, motorcycles, beach vehicles, off-road vehicles and special vehicles with independent intellectual property rights, professional design teams, excellent management teams and advanced production equipment. The company has established a high reputation in the industry. The production of digital liquid crystal instruments is accompanied by a number of well-known companies in the industries such as Qianjiang Motorcycle Group, New Times Huansong Group, Shandong Fulu Vehicle Industry, Shandonglichi, and Ruitesi, and established long-term cooperation with German e-max Chinese manufacturers. relationship, With the help of well-known companies in these industries, management and quality have been quickly improved, and they have won the favor of domestic and foreign customers. The company under the jurisdiction of "Yuyaobo software technology limited company" is the strong technical backing of Bosin Electric. With the continuous investment of R&D, the continuous updating of production equipment, and the continuous innovation of the management team, the company will cooperate with more and more domestic and foreign famous enterprises.

We are confident: the quality of Bosin will be better! Bosin's tomorrow will be better! We're trying!