BX-T-4A (3.5")

Functions: Speed, speed, right turn, far-light, N gear, engine failure, clock, 1-6 gear, oil volume, water temperature, ABS, oil pressure, mileage total, subtotal. Day and night two modes.

BX-T-20A (7")

Speed, speed, N gear, R gear, D gear, left and right turn, high beam, P gear, clock, mileage total, subtotal

BX-T-15A (5")

Speed, speed, water temperature, oil volume, total, subtotal, gear, clock, left and right rotation, ABS, engine failure, oil pressure, high beam.

BX-T-23A (5")

Speed, speed, oil volume, water temperature, voltage, clock, total, subtotal, left and right rotation, high beam, engine failure, oil pressure, gear, ABS, Bluetooth (support caller ID display), automatic sensitive switching instrument theme, touch button function.

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Ningbo Boxin Electrical Appliance co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Boxin  is a company dedicated to the development, design, and manufacturing of digital liquid crystal instruments and electronic tachometers for vehicles. The company is under the jurisdiction of Yuyaobo. In 2009, it won the title of "National High-tech Enterprise".


Nearly 20 years of production experience


Standard plant 13,000 Square


More than 50 patents



Understand industry dynamics and grasp the pulse of the market

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