Functions: speed, speed, left and right, N gear, ABS, high beam, engine failure, 1-6 gear, fuel quantity, mileage total, subtotal


Functions: speed, fuel quantity, water temperature, left and right turn, N gear, R gear, high beam, atmospheric temperature, mile switch or indication, total mileage, subtotal.

BJ28(Chongqing Central PineHS250GS-3)

Functions: speed, speed, fuel quantity, oil temperature, water temperature, clock, left and right, position light, N gear, 1-6 gear, high beam, oil pressure, mile switch or indication, mileage total, subtotal


Functions: Speed, speed, right turn, water temperature, clock, atmospheric temperature, far-light, oil, engine failure, N gear, 1-6 gear, ABS, oil volume, mileage total, subtotal.


Functions: Speed, speed, right turn, far-light, N gear, engine failure, 1-6 gear, oil volume, water temperature, ABS, mileage total, subtotal.

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