Functions: Speed, current, left right, door light, distant light, front fog light, rear fog light, low voltage alarm, seat belt, P gear, N gear, D file, R file, ABS, hand brake, electricity, Reading light, charging, charging, full, mileage total Subtotal.


Functions: speed, speed, fuel quantity, water temperature, left-right turn, N-speed, R-speed, 1-5-speed, high beam, low beam, low pressure alarm, mile switch or indication, mileage total, subtotal.


Functions: Speed, ammeter, right and left, far light, near light, electricity, brake fluid failure, seat belt, P file, D file, N file, R file, position light, clock, power steering failure, door light, charging light, mileage total, subtotal.


BJ9-LC function: speed, N gear, R gear, H gear, L gear, mile switch or indication. BJ9-ZS functions: oil quantity, water temperature, left and right turn, high beam, seat belt, R gear, total mileage, subtotal.


Functions: speed, speed, water temperature, oil quantity, gear position, oil pressure, oil temperature, seat belt, P position, clock, left and right turn, high beam, emergency, N position, position light, mileage total, subtotal.


Functions: speed, speed, gear, clock, water temperature, oil volume, four-wheel drive, differential lock, left right turn, oil temperature, emergency, oil pressure, power steering failure, position light, far-light, mileage total, subtotal.

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