Functions: Speed, electricity, current, left and right, far-light, charging, mileage indication, total mileage, subtotal(customized by EMAK).


Functions: Speed, power, left and right, distant light, gear, charging, fast light, mileage total, subtotal.

Ammeter / Voltmeter

Current meter function: current, right turn, distant light, forward. Voltage meter function: voltage, left turn, reverse gear, hand brake.


Functions: Speed, voltage, power, current, left and right turn, READY lamp, far-light, low pressure alarm, D gear, N gear, R gear, fog light, motor overheat alarm, door light, seat belt, P gear, hand brake, charging, fault indication, low power output Total mileage, subtotal.


Functions: Speed, left and right turn, READY lamp, far-light, power, fault light, low-voltage light, mileage total, subtotal.


Functions: Speed, left and right turn, working hours, ECO, distant light, P file, low-power alarm light, current, file position, clock, power, mileage total, subtotal.

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