Speed, speed, water temperature, fuel volume, left-right turn, emergency, hand brake, oil pressure, seat belt, N gear, P gear, clock, rear axle, total mileage, subtotal


Functions: speed, speed, fuel, high beam, left and right turn, engine failure, clock, 1-5 gear, N gear, low voltage alarm, due maintenance, total mileage, subtotal


Functions: speed, speed, left and right turn, clock, high beam, oil quantity, water temperature, low voltage alarm, tire pressure, mileage total, subtotal.


Functions: Speed, speed, water temperature, oil volume, gear position, four-wheel drive, differential lock, left and right turn, power steering failure, oil pressure, far-light, seat belt, emergency,


Functions: speed, speed, left and right turn, fog lights, emergency, high beam, brake fluid, seat belt, parking, oil pressure, engine failure, low pressure alarm, door lights, gear position, oil quantity, water temperature, mileage, Subtotal.


Functions: Speed, speed, oil volume, water temperature, clock, left and right turn, distant light, oil alarm, oil alarm, air temperature, low voltage, mileage switch or indication, total mileage, subt

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