Functions: Speed, speed, oil, clock, 1-5 gear, left and right turn, N gear, far-light, mileage total, subtotal.


Functions: Speed, speed, right turn, far light, seat belt, fog lamp, oil pressure, gear, oil volume, water temperature, low pressure alarm, engine failure, hand brake, mileage total, subtotal.


Functions: Speed, Voltage, Turn left and right, D gear, R gear, N gear, P gear, seat belt, high beam, door light, low battery warning light, low beam, front fog, brake fluid, power, mileage, Subtotal.


Functions: speed, power, left and right turn, high beam, clock, R gear, D gear, hand brake, fog light, total mileage, subtotal.


Functions: Speed, voltage, small lights, P file, position light, charging, distant light, left and right turn, R file, N file, D file, seat belt, charging, total mileage, subtotal.


Functions: Speed, voltage, current, power, P file, D file, R file, left and right turn, fog lamp, distant light, near-light, brake fluid, seat belt, door light, mileage total, subtotal.

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