Functions: Speed, left and right turn, distant light, seat belt, brake fluid, door light, P file, fog light, near-light, electricity, motor temperature, READY light, remaining mileage, current, D file, N file, R file, mileage Total, subtotal.


Functions: Speed, voltage, current, D file, R file, left and right turn, distant light, motor temperature, fog lamp, door light, parking, low pressure alarm, mileage total, subtotal.


Functions: speed, left and right turn, power, gear position, turnpin failure, brake fluid, low voltage, engine failure, far-light, charging, mileage total, subtotal.


Functions: Speed, 2 drive, 4 drive, left right turn, lock light, motor overheat alarm, P file, mileage switch or instruction, total mileage, subtotal.


Functions: speed, left and right, N gear, R gear, high beam, position light, mile switch or indication, total mileage, subtotal.

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