BX-T-17A (10.25")

"Vehicle speed, electric quantity indication, atmospheric temperature, left and right steering, hand brake, high beam, parking brake, fog lamp, time, voltage, current, motor power, gear, total and subtotal. Special function: reversing image. "


Speed, speed, oil volume, gear, water temperature, clock, total, subtotal, tire pressure, left and right rotation, high beam, engine failure, oil pressure, ABS, mode selection indication, cushion heating indication, handle heating indication and constant speed cruise indication.

BX-T-11A (4.3")

Speed, speed, water temperature, fuel volume, voltage, engine failure, high beam, left and right rotation, clock, total, subtotal, atmospheric temperature, tire pressure. Special functions: mobile phone projection, which can put the navigation of mobile phone into the instrument; the instrument has automatic sensitive switching instrument theme.

BX-T-25A (7")

Speed, speed, water temperature, oil volume, total, subtotal, gear, clock, left and right rotation, ABS, engine failure, oil pressure, high beam, support touch key adjustment.

BX-T-7B (5")

Speed, speed, 1-6 gears, water temperature, fuel quantity, voltage, ABS, left and right turn, high beam, engine failure, clock, mileage total, subtotal

BX-T-4A (3.5")

Functions: Speed, speed, right turn, far-light, N gear, engine failure, clock, 1-6 gear, oil volume, water temperature, ABS, oil pressure, mileage total, subtotal. Day and night two modes.

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