BX-T-22A (5")

Speed, total, subtotal, motor working time, left and right rotation and menu adjustment functions, built-in reversing image, support touch key adjustment.

BX-T-20A (7")

Speed, speed, N gear, R gear, D gear, left and right turn, high beam, P gear, clock, mileage total, subtotal

BX-T-8A (4.3")

Speed, speed, 1-6 gears, water temperature, fuel quantity, low voltage alarm, clock, left and right turn, high beam, engine failure, N gear, ABS, mileage total, subtotal

BX-T-1A (5")

Functions: Speed, speed, right turn, far light, P file, R file, D file, engine failure, oil pressure, fog lamp, READY lamp, 1-5 file, oil volume, water temperature, hand brake, reverse image, MP5 func

BX-T-2A (4.3")

Functions: Speed, left and right turn, distant light, near-light, READY lamp, position light, front and rear gear, parking car, P file, engine failure, clock, electricity, reverse image, mileage total

BX-T-19A (3.5")

Speed, speed, time, Bluetooth (support caller ID display), atmospheric temperature, oil level, voltage, time, total, subtotal, date, various function lights, automatic sensitive switching theme, touch key adjustment.

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